Be a part of Arizona’s Seventh Annual Swing Dance Championships!


For the AZ Swing Dance Championship – (Strictly Lindy) there will be a cash prize for first place winners… The cash prize is determined by the number of competitors. Also up for grabs for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place are passes to Inspiration Weekend, Big Sky Weekend, and Lindy on the Rocks!

Barefoot Lindy Lottery Luck of the Draw Dance Contest winners will receive a pass to Salt Lake Lindy Con 2018.

Solo Charleston winner gets a pass to the 3rd annual Shag and Drag Festival 2018

Same Sex Any Swing Goes Contest Winners get passes to Phoenix Lindy Exchange 2017


Solo Charleston

Competition fee: FREE

This contest is open to everyone and is a TON of fun! Self expression is key! Don’t hold back– Charleston your heart out and show us what you are made of! Dancers will be judged as individuals and by audience applause. Whoever captures the audience’s attention and admiration will win!

Contest winner will win a pass to 3rd Annual Shag and Drag Festival 2018

Contest is Saturday night at late night around 12:30am/1:00am

Barefoot Lindy Lottery- Luck of the Draw Dance Contest

Competition fee: FREE

Will be held Friday Night at the BBQ Pool Party! Prelims are open to everyone! Dancers will switch partners 3 times and dance to various tempo-ed songs. Top 5 leads and top 5 follows will make it to the finals, be randomly paired, and judged as a couple! Finals are audience-judged so be sure to bring out all of your flash and trash to win us over!!

The winning couple receives passes to Salt Lake Lindy Con

 Arizona Swing Dance Championships

Contest fee: $20/couple

Open to everyone, this is a partnered contest! This will be the biggest throwdown AZ will see this year! ANY SWING GOES! Time to take out all of your stops and show AZ what you’re made of!! PRELIMS: Open to the first 20 couples. Couples will dance to 3 different tempos in an all skate. FINALS: Top 5-7 couples will make it to finals. We will have one all skate then it will be a phrase battle. Each couple will spotlight for eight eights (2 phrases) twice to throw their best tricks!

Contest winners will receive a cash prize as well as first choice of passes to : Inspiration Weekend, Big Sky Weekend, and Lindy on the Rocks; 2nd place gets second choice, 3rd place receives remaining pass.


Same Sex Any-Swing-Goes

Contest Fee: $5/couple

Partners must be of the same sex. They can do any style of swing they want to and the best couple wins!! Prelims: Couples will dance to 3-4 songs of varrying tempos. Judges will choose 5 couples for finalize! Finals: Will be danced to 2-3 songs. One warm up song, One phrase-battle, and only if needed another song as an all skate. Judges will choose the best couple!

Contest winners win a pass to PHXLX 2017