Instructor Bios

Laura GlaessLaura Glaess - Laura started dancing in 2001 in San Antonio. It wasn’t a very large scene, and her teachers hadn’t been dancing very long, but she quickly came to love lindy hop, the music, the history and everything involved.

Now Laura travels the world teaching, competing, performing and learning. She is a passionate believer in dancing with swing, with rhythm, and with presence. She is madly in love with jazz music and movement and strives to convey that love to everyone she encounters. Hailing from Austin, Texas, Laura is also an active participant in her home community; co owning a teaching company, The Lindy Project, with Mike Roberts, participating in the Austin Swing Syndicate board, the Austin Lindy Exchange board, organizing community events, and any number of things to keep Austin one of the best scenes around.


peter stromPeter Strom -  Since his start in 1998 Peter has taught at hundreds of dance camps all over the world from South Africa to South Korea to South Carolina and since 2014 yearly at the Lindy Hop Mecca, Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden. In addition to teaching he brings with him his skills as a sought after DJ and experienced Master of Ceremonies. He has been a member of the renowned team the Silver Shadows and is the founder of Uptown Swing in his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota.


1071328_10152998208935072_1129985748_oNick Peterson – Holding a lifelong aversion to writing accurate biographies, has found his passion in a craft where biographies are a necessary part of the job. However, his love for speaking in the third person is as great as his love of Lindy hop, thus his biography. Vegas Nick started dancing in 1998 when it was cool and has continued to do so throughout the years…even when it was no longer cool. Burdened with a fever, the only prescription has been more Lindy hop and he has led a life that exemplifies the remedy.

Nick Peterson is a proud Jitterbug champion and the only member of the Camp Hollywood Hall of Fame to be recognized for something other than his contributions on the dance floor or stage…this despite his 13+ years of competing at the event. A firm believer in the concept of suffering for your art, Nick will make you suffer…be it through incessant talking, advanced teaching techniques, or the aforementioned love of the third-person. Take his class…he’s going to talk whether you are there or not.

Jonathan and TressaJonathan Lindsey & Tressa Steele – Bio Coming Soon