Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Well now you know the names of the classes, but what do they mean?! Here is a list of descriptions to help you narrow down your selection! I know, but there are so many choices!! How are you going to choose?! Very Carefully….. 😉

Beginning Lindy


Old Time Partner Charleston

Learn how to dance Charleston like they did in the 1920s. This is the dance that set the stage for Lindy Hop and is MUST to help you understand where Lindy Hop came from. AND Charleston is a lot of fun!

Beginning Blues

To Be announced

“Levon, Levon Loved His Lindy” – Beg/Int Lindyhop

A class centered on enhancing your love for our great dance. With a heavy emphasis on technique, attendees are guaranteed to come away with a better understanding of the greatness that is Lindyhop. We will suffer for our art…but art we will make.

Footwork Variations

For Karen and Mike, rhythms drive footwork and “tell our feet what to do”.  We’ll give you a glimpse into how we think about footwork, providing you some specific patterns to challenge you!

Blues Connection

To Be Announced

Balboa I

**must read the following description with a French accent or Spanish accent (you choose).

Who has the most finesse, the most suave presence? Who are the smoothest and best dressed dancers? Balboa dancers-that’s who! Balboa is the cognac of swing dances and you can get your start in this class. Even for experienced dancers, this class will improve your basics and get you on the road to being a smooth mofo.

Swing vs. Straight

Rhythms class using a mix of straight and swung rhythms and getting people to feel and use them

Jazz Up Your Blues

Fishtails, apple jacks, low downs and more. These vernacular jazz movements are the roots of our blues. Learn how to incorporate these movements into your blues both with soloing and partnering.

Beginning Shag – “Shag Basics and Technique”

Come learn this 1930’s swing dance, known for its fancy footwork. This class cover the basic steps and the technique need to look like a serious shagger.


Bal Swing, otherwise unofficially known as un-pure Balboa, is a staple know-how in the Balboa world. In this class we will learn how to break apart from our partners, create gush, and turn to our heart’s delight.

Maximizing Momentum

Put some energy into your blues! In this class, we’ll discuss different types of momentum while showing you how to maximize stretch and redirect energy.

Frankie’s Favorites:

Lindy hoppers the world over owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Frankie Manning, an originator and true innovator of the dance.  There’s no better way to show our appreciation and keep the spirit of Frankie alive than continuing to teach, learn, and dance his classic moves.  Don’t miss an opportunity to learn steps that every lindy hopper should know!

Showy Shag Moves – “Flashy Shag Variations”

Take your knowledge of the basics and learn the classic flashy moves that made shag a jitterbug’s dance.

Tricks, Dips & Leggy Things

Build your Blues vocabulary with some cool & fancy moves that will inspire, surprise, and blow your mind.

“Doin’ the Jive”

Solo Jazz Routine done to the song “Doin’ the Jive”. (Recently performed at the Kats Korner!!)

“Someone Saved My Life Tonight” – Int/Adv Lindyhop (Lead/Follow Technique)

I might actually be crazy. I’m not really certain as I haven’t told anyone about the crazy thoughts I think. This class is an experiment to see if I am crazy or not…you get to be the judge. We’re going to delve into leading and follow technique like never before. Those silly discussions about leading/following philosophy, about how we move and the “proper” way to lead/follow that always take place after hours, eating bad diner food will be brought up in the light and heat of the day. Join me. Save me. Then again, maybe you’re crazy too!

“Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters” – Beg/Int Charleston

Charleston is my favorite dance. This class will focus on the beauty and madness of Charleston… all while allowing you to turn on the Cruise Control and look good doing it. Attendees will learn a variety of awesome moves and techniques, all taken from the heyday of the Charleston…1999.

All Flash, No Trash

Set your dancing apart with some tricks that can be done on the social dance floor or in performance. *Partner not required, although you should be comfortable with sharing/support weight with a partner.

Lindy Hop Styling

Not just things to do, but how to develop your own style. Bring your camera!

Shag – “Advanced Shag”

Learn the latest shag moves and technique. This class will help take your shag to the next level!

Fancy Bal Move(ments)

Feel confident in your basics? This is the class for you. We are going to step it up and show you some fancy moves and or footwork(hey, we get to decide). Let’s expand minds and thoughts…and be super fancy while we are at it.

“Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” – Int/Adv Charleston

Take this class…learn how to never say sorry again! This class will push you to the limits of your technique while refining what you know at the same time. If this class doesn’t motivate you to take your Charleston to the next level…then I’m……never mind. Take the class. Max your dance. Love your life.

Solo Charleston/ Jazz movement


Teaching the Teacher

A class for existing and aspiring lindy hop teachers to develop their skills. Come get tips on teaching from a world renowned instructor!