Housing is given on a first-come first-served basis and weekend pass holders are given first priority. Housing requests can be made at the end of the registration process OR if you can host or need housing you can fill out the form below!!

Please contact us as soon as possible. Housing requests will stop being taken Friday 6/21.


If it is after 6/21 and you need housing send thelindyhopkins@gmail.com and email and we will see if we can work something out for you!!

Housing Etiquette for Guests

  • Contact your host as soon as you receive their contact information from the Housing Coordinator.
  • Ask them what you should bring (towels/pillows/sleeping bag/air mattress/etc.).
  • Your host will provide sleeping space and bathroom access. Meals are your responsibility unless otherwise arranged in advance.
  • Your host may or may NOT be able to provide you transportation to and from events. You may need to use public transportation or rent a car.
  • Ask your host about their location and others who may be staying with them as well.
  • Learn and observe all house rules your host may have.
  • Take care of your host’s home. Please remember to clean up after yourself in the bathroom, kitchen and sleeping areas.
  • When you return to your host’s home each night, remember that others may be sleeping.
  • Always let your host know what your plans are and where to find you, trading mobile numbers when possible.

Housing Etiquette for Hosts

  • Contact your guests as soon as you’ve been notified by the Housing Coordinator.
  • Inform your guests about what they should bring (towels, pillows, sleeping bags, air mattresses etc.).
  • Your guests only expect sleeping space and bathroom access. Although it isn’t required, many hosts provide breakfast stuff and snacks.
  • Let your guests know to what extent you can help with transportation.
  • Let your guests know your home rules and quirks, including what’s important for access and safety (like don’t feed your pet after midnight or else…).
  • Let your guests know what your plans are and where to find you, trading mobile numbers when possible.