2018/2019 schedule

Friday, July 6th

The Hopkins’ House
3145 E Fountain St Mesa, AZ 85213
6:00pm Dance to DJed music and enjoy some BBQ/pool time to cool off! The Pool Party is free for everyone, whether you have a weekend pass or not. We will provide burgers and condiments. Please bring a side dish to share with everyone!! We will get the party started at 6:00pm and will go until everyone goes home or we’re kicked out! 😉
8:45pm9:15pm Barefoot Lindy Lottery Luck of the Draw Dance contestSolo Charleston Contest

Saturday, July 7th

The Kats Korner (The New Horizon School for the Performing Arts)
446 E Broadway Rd Mesa 85204

Class One: Lindy Hop FUNdamentals

with Jacob Spinney

This lesson starts with not just basics, but how to look cool doing them. And for the cherry on top, you will learn a trademarked Spinney original with a fancy follow styling.

Class One: Collegiate Shag 1

with Chandrae Roettig & Stephen Sayer

Basic footwork, variations, and patterns


Class Two: Swing Charleston

with Nick Peterson

Hop into a metaphorical phone booth and go all the way back to a time when Swing was King and Charleston was the hottest step in the land: the late 1990’s!

In that era, there was one charleston step that dominated the all: the Charleston kick-throughs

 Class Two: Collegiate Shag 2

with Chandrae Roettig & Stephen Sayer

Shag Turns and Breaks

11:50pm-1:00pm Lunch Break

Class Three: A to Z Solo Jazz

with Sami Askew

Learn an Alphabetized arrangement of solo jazz! Lets learn our ABC’s!

 Class Three: Collegiate Shag 3

with Chandrae Roettig & Stephen Sayer

Shag Musicality and Quick Quick Variations

2:00pm-2:50pm Class Four: Jazz up your Lindy Hop with AJ Howard & Jennifer RunyanAdding solo jazz and syncopations into your Lindy Hop patterns and Pass Bys  Class Four: Balboa for Lindy Hoppers 1: Lolly Doodle Dandy (ALL LEVELS) with Heather Ballew & Krister ShalmWould you like to get your feet wet with some balboa moves but you’re not ready to take the plunge to learn a whole new dance?  This is the balboa class for you!  In this all-levels class we will show you basic balboa moves that you can add to your lindy hop repertoire.  Expand your lindy hop arsenal while simultaneously learning balboa and wowing your friends?  Yes, please!
3:00pm-3:50pm Class Five: Lindy Hop Competition Battle Prepwith AJ Howard & Jennifer RunyanPreparing your phrase battles with style and badassery Class Five: Balboa for Lindy Hoppers 2: Liberty Bal (ALL LEVELS)with Heather Ballew & Krister ShalmWe continue our all-levels theme of dancing in and out of our core balboa moves from lindy hop – this time exclusively in closed position (pure balboa).  You missed Balboa for Lindy Hoppers 1 but you want to take Balboa for Lindy Hoppers 2?  That’s no problem!  We will start in a different place and do all new moves.  We will put them together at the end to show you how much you learned.
The Kats Korner 446 E Broadway Rd Mesa, AZ 85204
7:15pm Beginning East Coast Swing Lesson
8:00pm-11:00pm Dance to the jazz Stylings of “The Wildcat Jazz Band” and some of our favorite Local and visiting DJs!
9:00pm Arizona Swing Dance Championship Prelims
10:00pm Arizona Swing Dance Championship Finals
The Party House of Nims 649 S Windsor St Mesa, AZ 85204
11:30pm Late night dancing to DJed music until all hours of the night with a Strictly Shag contest! We will keep playing music as long as you are dancing!!
12:30am Strictly Shag Contest

Sunday, July 8th

The Kats Korner (The New Horizon School for the Performing Arts)
446 E Broadway Rd Mesa 85204

Class One: LINDY FIT

with Jennifer Runyan

Challenge your dancing and your fitness with Lindyfit’s fun workout and dance drills.

Class One: Balboa: Four Score and Twenty Out and Ins (INTERMEDIATE PLUS)

with Heather Ballew and Krister Shalm

Honest Abe will tell you that Out and Ins are the glue that hold bal-swing together.  Solve all of your balboa conflicts with a good Out and In.  You should already know the basics to be in this class: Uphold, downhold, tossout, lollies, swivels, and out and ins.


Class Two: Lindy Hop Traveling with your Dancing

with AJ Howard & Jennifer Runyan

Learn to move and use the whole floor with consistent flow.

Class Two: Balboa: The American Dream (INTERMEDIATE PLUS)

with Heather Ballew & Krister Shalm

Some dream of white picket fences and 2.5 kids.  Others dream of a balboa move so pure, there hasn’t been another dream since. You should already know the basics to be in this class: Uphold, downhold, tossout, lollies, swivels, and out and ins.

1:50pm-3:00pm Lunch Break

Class Three: Lindy Hop Momentum Challenge

with AJ Howard & Jennifer Runyan

Challenge your use of momentum to create new patterns and flow in your dancing.

 Class Three: Collegiate Shag 

with Chandrae Roettig & Stephen Sayer

Shag Styling and Play

4:00pm-4:50pm Class Four: Swing Charleston for Social Dancerswith Nick PetersonSometimes the music hits and the rhythm moves and we just have to rock out as hard as we can with our flashy kicks and energetic pulse. Sometimes it’s 4pm on the second day of a workshop and we just need to do some chill Charleston. This class will focus on the variety of small movements and “moves” that we can do to have the type of social dance that has our partner asking immediately for one more. Rather than trying to kick high and hard, we’re going to smooth our Charleston out and take the advice of one of the all time greats Frankie’s and relax.  Class Four: Collegiate Shagwith Chandrae Roettig & Stephen SayerCamel Hops and knee ups
5:00pm-5:50pm – Single track this hour Class Five: Instructors Choice with Chandrae Roettig & Stephen Sayer


Woman’s Club of Mesa
200 N Macdonald Mesa, AZ 85201
8:00pm-12:00am 8pm-12am Dance to DJed music
9:30pm   Same Sex “Any Swing Goes” Dance Contest


Monday July 9th

The Woman’s Club of Mesa
200 N Macdonald Mesa, AZ 85201
7:30-11:00pm In town longer than just the weekend come Dance to DJed music at Hepkats!



Class Schedule 2019


FRIDAY July 5th, 2019

Ballroom 1

Ballroom 2

11:00 am – 11:50 am Kevin & Jo – “Welcome Class” – Musicality – All Levels
12:00 pm – 12:50 pm Kevin & Jo – Musicality – Challenge – Class (Intermediate/Advanced) Nick Peterson – Charleston Moooooves
12:50 pm – 2:30 pm


2:30 pm – 3:20 pm Kevin & Jo – Improvisation Jacob – Balboa
3:30 pm- 4:20 pm Paul & Laura – Juicing Your Slow Dance Julie and Jeremy – Intro to Shag




SATURDAY July 6th, 2019

Ballroom 1

Ballroom 2

11:00 am – 11:50 am Kevin & Jo – Charleston Jonathan Lindsey – Solo Jazz
12:00 pm – 12:50 pm Kevin & Jo – Charleston Challenge Nicholas & Stephanie – How to Tango
12:50 pm – 2:30 pm

LUNCH BREAK – History of Jazz Music with Morgan Part 1 – 1:15 pm-2:15 pm

2:30 pm – 3:20 pm Nick Peterson – The Only Move Every Swing Dancer Should Know Paul & Laura – Dippin’ Sauce
3:30 pm- 5:30 pm Kevin & Jo – INSTRUCTOR’S CHOICE




SUNDAY July 7th, 2019

Ballroom 1

Ballroom 2

12:00 pm – 12:50 pm Kevin & Jo – Rhythm Games Pt. 1 Julie & Jeremy – All That Shag
1:00 pm – 1:50 pm Kevin &  Jo – Rhythm Games Pt 2 Christi Jay – Blues/Slow Dance
1:50 pm – 3:30 pm

LUNCH BREAK – History of Swing Dancing on Film with Morgan Part 2 – 1:15 pm-2:15 pm

3:30 pm – 4:20 pm Nick Peterson – Bob Rossin’ It Nicholas & Stephanie – Using Tango to Improve Your Swing
4:30 pm- 5:20 pm Kevin & Jo – “Farewell Class”